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We're here at Carol's house in Boynton Beach and we did a bathroom remodeling here. You can see we replaced the walls, we did the shower floor and she would like to say some words about my job so Carol, here you are...

Yes, Hi! Gilbert did a great job, I really love it, it is SO beautiful. I'm very very happy with his work. He came highly recommended from one of my neighbors, and I would gladly recommend him to anyone of my other neighbors or anyone else. Beautiful job. And a wonderful guy, on time, conscientious, wonderful person.

Thank you. So you see how we did the shower floor, all the details and cuts look nice and perfect. That's how we work.

Ms. Carol, can you talk a little bit more about you mentioning there were some leftovers of tiles and then you used Gil to put them on the wall too that was a wonderful idea.

Yes I had my floors done about 2 years ago, throughout my house, I had all tile and I had a lot of tiles leftover and I gave them to Gil and he used them in the shower. So that was a savings there as far as buying new tiles and he did a great job with them. I was a little nervous thinking they were a little too big for a shower, but they're not big at all, they're wonderful they look very nice.

I can see the shower is completely beautiful. So you had savings, and one question, what about affordability, was it affordable? Gil was affordable?

Very affordable. Very affordable.

And you definitely recommend Gil to other customers?

Carol-To anyone. To anyone. Very nice fella! Right Gil?

Alright Ms. Carol, thank you so much, your words mean so much to Zion Stone & Marble.

I love 'em!

Gilbert & Interviewer - Thank you.


Denna Folic » Home Owner

"Gilbert, thank you for the excellent work that you completed in my bathroom. You and your crew took your time to do the job right and the even went so far to come back and assist me with someone else’s mistake.

My shower and bathroom floor look terrific and I’m very pleased with it. You’ve been professional from the moment we started on the project, even going so far as to meet me at the flooring store and offering your opinion as necessary.

I would recommend your work to any future customers, please do not hesitate to us me a reference."

Denna Folic

Bruce Sinclair » Contractor

"I Bruce Sinclair am the owner of Floors With Distinction Inc. in Deerfield Beach, Fl.  I have been in the flooring business for over 8 years and have had many installers work for me.

Gilbert Cruz has been doing all of my marble, stone, tile and remodeling of bathrooms for me now for 3 years and would not trade him for all the gold in the world.  Not only is he an incredible hard worker, but talented beyond his years.

Gilbert and I have worked on million dollar condo conversions installing 60,000 sq. ft of marble,  to a tiny remodel of bathrooms, to exquisite glass back splashes in kitchens.  Whatever the job, big or small Gilbert has always been a true professional and I would recommend him for any project dealing with installation.

If you would like to reach me please call me anytime, Cell-754-367-5924."

Bruce Sinclair

Jerry Moore » Home owner

"Gilbert, thanks for the excellent work done at my house. You and your crew did a beautiful installation on my floor,1400 sq ft of Tile, show up on time, took everything as it was combined, usually diagonal lay it uses 12-15% of waste, but you used only 8%, great job

.... but what surprises me most was the daily cleaning in the area of work, every day cleaned the patio, sure I recomemd you and your crew for futures customers...."

Jerry Moore

John C. Lewis » Contractor

"Mr. Da Cruz is highly skilled, reliable, and diligent, taking his work seriously. We would highly recommend his work and his future with our company is excellent.

Should you require any additional information or should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact this office."


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